Xite Fluorescence Flashlight System, RB-GO

View fluorescence in the lab or the field! The Xite™ Fluorescence Flashlight System includes single-wavelength fluorescence excitation flashlights available with any of the five wavelengths in the NIGHTSEA line, paired with matching barrier filter glasses for maximum viewing contrast. Genotyping your transgenic organisms, screening cell cultures, inspecting parts with fluorescent penetrants, finding fluorescing critters in the field, ... the Xite line provides what you need.


  • Tightly focused for a high intensity illumination spot
  • Two power levels, plus unique flashing mode and battery status indication
  • Add-on diffuser for a broader, smoother beam
  • Each light paired with matching barrier filter glasses
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rechargeable high capacity lithium ion battery

Included with each system

  • Fluorescence excitation flashlight (your choice of one wavelength) with lanyard
  • Matching barrier filter glasses with microfiber case for storage and cleaning
  • Diffuser cap
  • High capacity lithium ion battery
  • Battery charger and USB charging cord
  • Instruction sheet
  • Padded foam shipping/carry/storage case


Add-on 15° diffuser cap provides a wider, softer beam.

Flashing mode for enhanced detection in ambient light

As bright as fluorescence may appear when you use an intense light source to view it in conditions of darkness, in most cases it actually tends to be a relatively weak effect that is easily masked by other light. If you try to find fluorescence when there is moderate ambient light (room light, sunlight, etc.), any fluorescing subject will respond to the excitation, but the response may be too weak to notice easily.

But there's a trick - by making the excitation light source blink repetitively (a strobe effect), any fluorescence will blink at the same rate, while the illuminated background will not. This flickering increases the apparent contrast and thus increases detectability.

Available wavelengths

Wavelength sets are named and color coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence.

Designation Excitation Barrier Filter Glasses
RB-GO - Royal Blue, Green Only 440 - 460nm 500 - 560nm bandpass

With the Royal Blue (RB) excitation we offer two options for filter glasses - longpass and bandpass.

Flashlight specifications

    • Dimensions: 13.5 cm long x 3.2 cm diameter (5.3 in x 1.26 in)
    • Weight: 255g (9.0 oz) with battery

Note - the Xite flashlights are not suitable for underwater use

Supplier: NIGHTSEA™
Pack: Each