Xylene Substitute

A xylene substitute for use in histology and cytology. It is safer and a more preferable alternative to xylene. Used as a solvent and clearing agent, as well as for dissolving paraffin waxes, glues and adhesives.


  • Minimal tissue shrinkage
  • Dries slowly with no residue
  • Less toxic than xylene
  • Soluble with alcohol, paraffin embedding media, and mounting media

It can be used in all procedures that require xylene. Biodegradable.

Storage Cat # Description MSDS Pack Price Quote Quantity
Storage:RT Cat #: 23410-01 Description: Xylene Substitute Pack: 1 gal Price: $123.00 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 23410-04 Description: Xylene Substitute Pack: 4 x 1 gal Price: $462.00 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 23410-05 Description: Xylene Substitute Pack: 5 gal Price: $495.00 Add to Quote: