Cellometer™ – The Disposable Cell Counting Chamber

Cell Counting Made Easy

These Disposable Cell Counters are an enclosed chamber with two ports for sample introduction. The chamber contains precisely spaced lines in a grid pattern. There are two counting chambers per slide for replicates. The counting grid pattern is the Improved Neubauer, as in a common Hemacytometer. The consistent pattern design allows the standard cell counting procedure to be followed.

With a pipetor, 15 to 20 microlilter cell-containing sample is introduced into the counting chamber through one of the ports. Liquid spreads inside the chamber, replaces air, which escapes through the opposing port.

The cell counting chamber is placed under a phase contrast optical microscope with a typical magnification of 100. The microscope is focused both onto the grid pattern and the cell particles. Standard protocols are followed for cell counting.

  1. Count the total number of cells found in 4 large corner squares (C_total)
  2. Cell concentration = Dilution x C_total / Volume

Let the Cellometer™ replace your Hemacytometers, which are traditionally used for cell counting

Benefits of the Cellometer™

  1. No washing after counting. Extremely important for people whom work with infectious samples.
  2. No need to place the cover slide
  3. Easy sample introduction. By integrating the cover slide into the counting chamber, the Cellometer™ eliminates the mistakes that may be caused by misplacement of the cover slide or misleading of the sample – two major sources for counting errors when using the Hemacytometer.
  4. Made from plastic. Ideal for BioSafety level 3.

Technical Data

Comparisons of Counting Protocols

Step Cellometer™ Hemacytometer
1 Mix cell suspension Mix cell suspension
2 Pipette 15 to 20 microliter into sample port Carefully load with 10 microliter solution
3 Count cells in 4 corner squares (C_total) Count cells in 4 corner squares (C_total)
4 Cell Concentration = Dilution x (C_total / 4.0 ) x10 4 Cell Concentration = Dilution x (C_total / 4.0 ) x10 4
5 Dispose used Cellometer Wash and dry cover slide and base

Description of the Experiment

  1. Cell Type: Human T lymphocyte
  2. Counting Devices: Cellometer™ with glass base (CG2), all plastic Cellometer™ (CP2) and a standard bright line Hemacytometer.
  3. Cell counting performed alternating between Cellometer™ and Hemacytometer.
  4. Statistical data analysis using Two-Sample T test.


  CP2 Test 1 CP2 Test 2 CG2
# of test (Cellometer™) 15 19 17
# of test (Hemacytometer) 8 17 17
Mean (Cellometer™) 1.78 x 105 1.83 x 105 1.87 x 105
Mean (Hemacytometer) 1.85 x 105 1.82 x 105 1.82 x 105
p-value 0.325 0.908 0.505


  1. Cell counts obtained using Cellometer™ and Hemacytometer  are consistent.
  2. With Cellometer™, sample loading is simple and consistent.
  3. There is no washing and drying after using Cellometer™, which eliminates liquid waste and Saves time and effort
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