Cleaving Kit

The complete tool set to scribe and cleave cleanly. This is a critical step to getting the best cross-sections. The kit includes two diamond scribes for marking and scribing, one pen style diamond scribe and pliers for cleaving. This kit is suitable for a wide variety of substrates and wafers (Si, GaAs, glass). The standard configuration includes one each:

  • Diamond Scribe-Pen style
  • Diamond Scribe-straight tip
  • Diamond Scribe- 30 degree tip
  • Tweezers with black soft fiber fine tip (length 6¼")
  • CleanBreak Pliers-Cleaving pliers.
  • Clear plastic ruler with metric and US units
  • Tungsten cleaving wire
Optional Cleaving Kit with Mat

The kit includes a large, 12x18" wafer mat.

Note: Always remember to use safety glasses when cleaving the wafer.

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Pack: Each
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