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Col-Aurion is a colloidal gold particle based total protein stain, developed for the sensitive staining of electrophoretically separated protein bands on nitrocellulose or PVDF™ blotting membranes. Colloidal gold particles accumulate at the site of the protein bands on the membrane, generating an intense dark red staining pattern. The total protein stain assists in assessing immunoblotting results and to evaluate the effectivity of the blotting procedure.

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Col-Aurion Total Protein Stain

Col-Aurion is a sensitive total protein stain for bio assays, especially nitrocellulose and PVDF Western blots and dot-blots. The protein binding substratum has to carry a negative charge.
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Storage:4-8°C Cat #: 25536 Description: Col-Aurion Total Protein Stain Pack: 500 mL Price: $193.00 Add to Quote: