mPrep/s™ WorkStation for TEM and SEM

Everything you need to work efficiently while preparing your samples using mPrep/s™ capsules is easily accomplished with the mPrep/s™ WorkStation. Simply load the capsule onto the built-in insertion tool at the center of the workstation, detach the screen from the capsule, use the lever to open the screen and insert the specimen. Then release the lever and re-attach the capsule. Once loaded, the sample requires no additional handling – even for TEM embedding or SEM mounting.

The mPrep/s™ Workstation's polyethylene surface minimizes dulling of dissection tools and is fully immersible for easy cleaning between uses. Molded into the surface are 12 dissection wells to organize your specimens and keep them wet if desired. At the back, 12 capsule wells and 3 screen holders conveniently hold these prior to use. On either side of the workstation, a total of 24 capsule wells can hold loaded capsules and keep them wet while loading into the channels of the pipettor. Single and multichannel pipettor kits are sold separately. Additional recommended accessories for use with the mPrep/s™ Workstation are located the end of this page.


  • Specimens may be oriented using several methods
  • Streamlines specimen processing from dissection to reagent processing
  • Once loaded in capsules, specimens are not touched again – even for TEM embedding or SEM mounting
  • Dissect and load specimens wetted by buffers or fixatives
  • Directly load capsules onto pipettor from Workstation


  • Capsule-based Processing of Biological Tissue for TEM
  • Biological tissues – fix and critical point dry (CPD)
  • Bio tissue cryo-facing
  • Polymer cross-section preparations
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