Planet-Safe® Petri Dishes

86952aBreak free from fossil fuels with the world’s first 100% plant-based petri dish.

Planet-Safe® Petri dishes are made from polylactic acid (PLA), a compostable and biodegradable resin derived from renewable non-GMO resources such as sugar beets, sugarcane and corn.

Superior Cell Binding: PLA is a performance bioresin that is significantly more hydrophilic than petrochemical resins such as polystyrene. This allows a variety of anchorage-dependent eukaryotic cell species to grow in liquid culture on the surface of Petri dishes without added coatings such as proteins, extracellular matrices (ECM), fibronectin, collagen, poly-D-lysine, or specialty plasma gas treatments.

Ideal Platform for Microbial Growth: With the addition of gelled culture media, Planet-Safe Petri dishes are ideal for growing bacteria, molds, and yeasts. Excellent optical transparency facilitates microscopic cell examination while resisting organic solvents such as alcohols, hydrocarbons, and ketones.

Eco-responsible Disposal: Disposing of Planet-Safe labware is simple and more environmentally friendly than disposing of petroleum-based labware. All Planet-Safe labware can be commercially composted. It may also be incinerated in a manner that is consistent with applicable regulations, resulting in the release of CO2 and water. If disposed of in a landfill, spent growth media will aid PLA breakdown into neutral components.

    • Flat design for optical transparency
    • Vented lid with 4 vents for even gas exchange
    • Stackable
    • Untreated hydrophilic surface for excellent cellular growth
    • DNa(se) and RNa(as) free
    • Sterilized by E-beam irradiation

Available in a case containing 375 dishes in 25 sleeves, or packs of 15.


  Inner Dia. (mm) Outer Dia. (mm) Height (mm) Weight (g)
Petri Dish Lid  89.56 91.31 8.4 8.85 
Petri Dish Base 85.83 88.19 14.88 10.19 
Covered Petri Dish 89.56 16.30 19.04 
Dimensions (Lid & Base)  100mm x 15mm (nominal),
91mm x 16mm (actual) 
Sterilization Method  E-Beam Irradiation
Country of Origin United States of America 
Regulatory Compliance: Manufactured using FDA compliant resin without the use of additional release agents or additives to remain DNase/RNase free. Produced under cGMP guidelines in a controlled enviornment, fully automated and without human intervention of parts contained within the main sterility barrier. All products are inspected according to applicable specifications and have passed quality inspection procedures prior to final approval for release. 
Temperature Guidelines: PLA has a softening temperature between 60-65°C which is lower than that of polystyrene. Therefore, when pouring heated liquids, temperatures above 65°C should be avoided to prevent warping. Accordingly, autoclave-sterilized agar-containing culture medium should be cooled to 50°C–55°C before pouring, which is also its ideal pouring temperature as this limits undesirable moisture condensation. After pouring media, let dishes remain undisturbed for 2–3 minutes before moving to prevent warping.
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