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ProCrystal™ Protein Crystallization Covers: Hanging drop microtiter plate seals with unmatched drop formation and segregation and no noticeable x-ray diffraction

ProCrystal™ covers are designed for high throughput protein x-ray crystallography to generate atomic resolution structures of protein molecules1. They fit SBS compliant microtiter plates and are TTP Mosquito®*compatible. They are packed dust-free, ready-to-use in packs of 5 with either pre-cut or uncut seals.

The seals sit directly over the microplate crystallization wells. The seals are validated to be incorruptible and materials will not ingress into samples. They are available in either an individual well pre-cut format so that one can easily remove crystals using a forceps from individual wells without affecting neighboring wells or uncut format.

The plate seals are UV compatible with the highest optical quality available. They are exceptionally hydrophobic which maintains drop footprint and segregation even with the use of MPD, Glycerol or detergents.


  • Two Formats: Individually cut & single sheet un-cut seals
  • TTP LabTech Mosquito®* compatible
  • Ready-to-use, dust-free
  • UV Compatible
  • No noticeable X-ray diffraction
  • Accommodates up to 3 protein drops per well


1Newby, et. al. A General Protocol for the Crystallization of Membrane Proteins for X-ray Structural Investigation. Nature Protocols, Vol. 4, 619-637 (April 1, 2009)

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