Retriever Tissue Slides, HistoBond + R, Orange

Retriever Tissue Slides are high adhesive glass microscope slides for paraffin-embedded tissue section, including tissue arrays. The slides were designed and optimized for the EMS Antigen Retriever (62700 series) to preserve the section attachment and tissue morphology during heat-induced epitope recovery in Retriever in pH 6 (Low), pH 9 (High), or Universal Retriever buffer.

Slides can also be successfully used in any other epitope-recovery technology (autoclave, microwave, proteolitic) and show superior performance over positively charged or polylysine-coated slides, especially in high pH buffers and recovery buffers containing EDTA.

These slides are ideal for both IHC and immunofluorescent applications, as well as for all antigen recovery systems.

Each of the slides have a custom imprinted frosted colored end, each color representing a different glass surface.

General Properties

  • Retriever Tissue Slides are made from soda lime glass
  • Dimensions approximately 76 x 26 mm, Thickness 1.0 mm (± 0.05 mm)
  • 90° ground edges
  • Colored or white marking area 20 mm, at one end, on one side
  • Pre-cleaned, ready for use
  • Autoclavable
  • Supplied in plastic boxes of 100 pieces
  • Certified for in-vitro-diagnostic (IVD) application


HistoBond® + R, Orange Superior type of adhesion slide with a considerably higher positive charge than other regular charged slides. This results in strong adhesion of the tissue, even under alkaline conditions of EDTA/EGTA-containing buffers. IHC, IF, in-situ, hybridization, grade slides.
SKU: 71890-50-CS
Pack: 20 x 100 pack
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