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Advance Polishing System

ULTRAPOL Advance is designed to be an all-in-one lapping & polishing workstation for the production of flat surfaces. Unbeatable combination of advanced control and process features allow for the accurate processing of modern generations of IC's.
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Cat #: 3250.1 Description: ULTRAPOL Advance Polishing System Pack: Each Price: $19,745.00 Add to Quote:
Cat #: 6183.UL Description: ULTRACOLLIMATOR Laser Alignment Upgrade Pack: Each Price: $14,938.00 Add to Quote:

ASAP-1 IPS Digital Selected Area Preparation System

Selected area system provides quality backside preparation for subsequent analysis with Photon emission microscopes, laser/ thermal stimulus microscopes and FIB's. Accurately decaps, then thins substrate and polishes.

Disc Holding Band

Works with ULTRAPOL 8" machines and many other 8" machines on the market. It holds down the lapping film or surface and can also stop splash.

End & Edge Polisher

End and edge polisher for flat and angled polishing and lapping of optical and electronic components using advanced angular control provided by the polishing head. Ideal for EM preparation.

FIBERTEC Mass Production Fiber Polisher

The mass-production connector polisher readily produces industry-standard polishes thanks to a robust design and system build. Using the latest techniques, FIBERTEC can polish between 10 and 24 connectors at a time.

NANOpol Bare Fiber Beveling System

Produces accurate polished bevels on bare optical fibers with an angle range of 20 to 180 degrees +/- 0.1 degree using the advanced positioning. NANOPOL Base unit with 4" o.d lapping plate and Fiber Polishing Micropostitioner.
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Cat #: 1535.01 Description: Quick-Release Mount Pack: Each Price: $400.00 Add to Quote: