UltraSlice Precision Slicing Machine

Advanced slicing for most component sizes & shapes

Ultimate Versatility – the ULTRASLICE platform provides:

  • Work-holding and machine variables to enable most cutting jobs
  • Long-cuts and dicing modes also possible
  • Motorized table provides unattended operation
  • Provides 'end of the line' capability for manufacturers/labs already with larger production units
  • Intuitive and easy to use

Developed to facilitate precision sectioning applications in Industry and Research, ULTRASLICE Precision Saw provides the user with a unique combination of features:

Versatile Sample Holding

The system may be readily converted to handle sample cutting requirements of most shapes, sizes, and applications – e.g. transverse and longitudinal slicing, right through to dicing.

Cutting Accuracy

The use of precision lead screws on all sample feed mechanisms mean that cuts can be positioned accurately. The inbuilt 'Z-spindle' provides the ability to set the blade height 'on the fly'.

Reproducible Results

All-metal construction and an accurately calibrated and damped spindle movement assures low transmission of vibration to the workpiece. This gives reproducibility of performance for cutting materials of widely varying mechanical properties; from the hardest steels and non-metallics down to delicate crystal materials.

Versatile Controls

ULTRASLICE has the power and range of blade speeds to achieve higher cutting rates when necessary.

The system features an integral coolant recirculation system which extends blade life and clears cutting debris to improve cutting rate and surface quality.

ULTRASLICE can handle sample cutting requirements of all shapes, sizes and applications. Samples may be presented to the blade with table attachments (X, Y, W, and Z direction accessories).

The system accepts a wide range of O.D. diamond and abrasive blades for standard cutting, and is readily adaptable to accept.

Vise for ULTRASLICE, Cat No. 3575.1

A vise attachment that mounts onto the ULTRASLICE saw by means of a standard set of dowels and two mounting screws.

The Vise Attachment holds a large variety of sample types and sizes.

Lamp, Cat No. 1301.5

A Convenient incandescent lamp for illuminating the work area.

  • 60W Max bulb
  • Illuminates Work area
  • Gooseneck for control of illumination area


Power Requirements 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Spindle Speed Fully variable up to 6,000 rpm
Spindle Size 0.5 inches (12.7 mm)
Standard Stages Motorized Y, lead screw-fed X (indexing) and Z-spindle (blade height)
Cutting Modes Preset Constant Speed
Footprint 25 inches (wide) x 18 inches (high) x 25 inches (length)
Unit Weight 110 lbs (45 kg)

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