UranyLess EM Stain

Substitute for Uranyl Acetate

EMS is proud to introduce UranyLess, a new contrast stain solution for TEM, for all of your negative staining applications. It is an amazing substitute for Uranyl Acetate with similar results.

After only a minute of contact, UranyLess' fast-acting, non-radioactive lanthanide mix is finished staining your sections or deposits (see protocols below). If needed, lead citrate is recommended to increase the contrast.

UranyLess's pH level is about 6,8 to 7. The 30ml airless bottle will stain approximately 1500 grids. The airless bottle increases the shelf life, eliminates CO2 contamination, and produces less waste - the solution pumps out in perfect amounts without leaking or spilling. UranyLess is also available in a larger amount for use in automated staining equipment. When using UranyLess for automated staining, do not wash longer than 10 minutes or you run the risk of losing all contrast.

UranyLess has been tested on many biological tissue (animal and plant): intestine, skeletal and cardiac muscle, liver, kidney, adrenal gland, nerve, cell culture, plant tissue, and also on negative staining of bacteriophage, bacteria, and polymers. UranyLess is ideal because of its ability to stain any kind of material and results are reproducible. To see the effectiveness of Uranyless, please visit the UranyLess Image Gallery.


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Storage:RT Cat #: 22409 Description: UranyLess EM Stain Pack: 30 mL Price: $59.00 Add to Quote:
Storage:RT Cat #: 22409-20 Description: UranyLess EM Stain Pack: 200 mL Price: $286.00 Add to Quote: