R-Universal Epitope Recovery Buffer (10x stock)

Why the Universal Buffer?

Epitope recovery on formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections, requires heat-induced treatment in buffer or, sometimes, proteolitic treatment of the deparaffinized tissue section. Which buffer to use, greatly depends on the exact antibody and the properties of the recognized epitope, therefore, one can find in literature and practice use of many buffers, including Citrate pH 3.4, Citrate 6.0, EDTA 8.0, Tris 9.0- 10.0, Tris-EDTA, etc.

Moreover, for individual antigens also the time of recovery in the individual buffer should be defined, as this may be different, and the treatment often destroys the epitope.

EMS offers a novel (patent-pending) technology for epitope recovery, primarily based on reversing the fixation effects of formaldehyde, which created links primarily between ε-amino groups of lysine and other amino-groups.

The buffer was extensively tested in pathology Departments in United Kingdom, and has shown excellent results when used with different antibodies, including those that normally require for successful staining treatment only in Low, or only High pH buffers, or require protolithic treatment.

The EMS Universal Buffer may be used in any heat-induced epitope recovery system (the time and temperature of treatment should be tested), but was specifically adjusted for tissue sections processing in our Antigen Retriever (62700 Series).

Using our Universal Buffer in our Retriever guarantees the highest rate of success in recovering epitope for any antibody, especially one that was never previously used on formalin-fixed sections.


Clear, non-toxic solution.


R-Universal Buffer is supplied as 10x concentrate. For epitope recovery dilute 1 part of stock with 9 parts of deionized water.


For epitope recovery dilute 1 part of stock with 9 parts of deionized water.

Stability and Storage

The preparation is stable for 1 year when stored unopened at +40°C. Every lot is issued with a certificate indicating the expiry date.

After opening, store at +40°C in the refrigerator and use within 6 months.


Each lot is certified for compliance to specifications. The product is produced under DIN EN ISO 9001 :2008 Quality Management system for the products in Immunoassay Development and Measurement, Products for Bioanalytics and lmmunoassays.

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Shelf Life 12 months