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Electron Microscopy Sciences

Vibration Isolation Products


Creating the Best Environment for Microscopy

High performance anti-vibration platforms and workstationsPDF download available

high performance anti-vibration platforms and workstations for microscopy


Vibrations limit the performance of sensitive instruments in numerous applications. Thus the need to remove vibrations to optimise performance has become crucial. We have spent many years developing state-of-the art workstations and platforms, which provide the user with a truly vibration free surface on which the user can place equipment. Our products are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to support instruments of varying weights and footprints.


  • 2Hz natural frequency built-in air isolators
  • Active self leveling and passive pump up versions
  • Highly rigid laminated construction with damping core
  • Low cost, easy to install and free from maintenance
  • Ideal for laboratories and clean rooms, will meet Class 10 (Class 1 available)
  • Simple, compact, easy to use and clean
  • Wide range of sizes, options and accessories


Elimination of movements from a working surface is achieved by isolating it from any external influences such as the floor and the structure itself is rigid and damps out any induced surface movements (fans etc.). The major sources of external disturbances are vertical and horizontal floor movements.

Floor vibrations arise from many sources; road traffic, trains, large machinery, lifts and building sway are among common examples. Typically building vibrations peak in the region of 7 Hz, however a metal frame building of height H has a resonance of roughly 46/H hertz, which means that on the fifth floor of a building you can expect horizontal and vertical displacements as low as 3 hertz. Floors almost never exhibit periodic vibrations in the 1 to 3Hz band.

The measure of the effectiveness of an isolation system is given by its transmissibility (below). As an approximate rule isolators start to become effective at between two to three times their own natural resonant frequency. Thus to remove vibrations at 7Hz an isolator with a natural frequency of about 2Hz is required.

The performance of an isolator depends on its stiffness and the mass it is supporting. In general isolator performance improves as mass is increased and for optimum performance one should work close to the maximum load an isolation system is designed to support. As an example, it is bad practice to place a 50kg load on a table designed to support 500kg, whereas a load of 200kg or more would be suitable.

The load supported by an isolator is calculated by multiplying the air pressure inside the isolator by the area of the piston it is supporting. Thus a piston of 15cm² surface area will support 25kg at 2 Bar. As (pressure) x (volume) for an isolator is a constant at any given temperature, increasing the load on an isolator will cause the piston to drop until the pressure has risen sufficiently to support the load. If one wishes to return the platform to its original level, then one must introduce more air into the isolator at the new pressure.


Our platforms combine a highly rigid damped table with an excellent vibration isolation system in one unique package.

It has long been accepted that the best isolation is achieved using pneumatic isolation chambers, which utilise high performance rolling diaphragms. All our isolators contain such a specially designed diaphragms.

Our isolators are also connected to a damping volume via a tuned restrictor. The restrictor absorbs system energy by converting air movements into heat as it is forced through the restrictor. This removes the overshoot and oscillations, which occur in isolators without dampening chambers and highly specialised restrictors such as ours.

We use a low isolation volume to damping volume ratio, which means that the working surface appears stiff to the touch (as all large low frequency disturbances are rapidly damped away). Small higher frequency disturbances are removed by the isolator chamber, these have a resonant frequency (dependant on version and load) typically in the range 1.5 to 2Hz. and whose characteristics are given in the transmissibility curves.

Our platforms feature a seamless steel top finished in either a grey epoxy powder coat or optionally made from dull polished stainless steel. Both finishes meet the Class 10 requirements. The stainless finish may be required in certain environments and we would be pleased to advise on this. The tops are formed by laminating a highly damping core between two steel plates using high strength aerospace grade adhesives, a technique we developed in producing our range of high performance optical tables and breadboards.

Four isolators, airflow restrictors and damping volumes are integrated into the platforms, which allow the working surface to float freely away from its base during operation. The natural frequency is typically 2Hz both vertically and horizontally and is suitable for all but the most sensitive instruments, where our low frequency option should be selected. We offer a choice of active and passive platform versions.

In active platforms, each isolator is connected to a self-levelling arm, which can be externally adjusted to set the height of the platform and level it. They should be chosen when the load on a table is expected to vary frequently. These platforms require a continuous supply of air. This can be provided by a compressor or using a gas bottle (suitable for months of normal operation and ideal for clean room uses).

Passive platforms are designed for applications where load does not vary.This includes balance tables, which are designed for light loads where the platform is weighted to give good performance.

Platforms are manufactured in one location using state-of-the-art automated machinery to guarantee high tolerances and consistency while keeping costs low. Our products are assembled by a highly skilled workforce and rigorous quality control is applied throughout the manufacturing process.

Excellence in Design

Great care has been taken in the design of our products to ensure they achieve the highest levels of performance while being easy to use and to clean thoroughly. With isolation design optimized for use in microscopy and surface design optimized for easy cleaning, our tables are ideal solutions for use in general purpose microscopy to cleanrooms and Biohazard areas.

  • Excellent working environment
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • 240grade silicon stainless steel surface available

A better working environment

Platforms and workstations improve the environment for microscopes with all the features necessary to make your work easier. Workstations provide a tailored working environment as well as featuring an isolation platform built into the work surface, making working with a microscope both faster and easier, leading to more reliable measurements in your laboratory. Platforms can also be used stand alone beneath microscopes to isolate them from external disturbances and speed up measurement..

Vibration Control

The AMF and AMP platforms offer the ultimate performance, incorporating four 2Hz damped rolling diaphragm air isolators, efficiently isolating frequencies from 6Hz and upwards. The AMS tables incorporate Sorbothane isolators, giving excellent isolation with a natural frequency of less than 7Hz. Our isolators considerably outperform both simple air cushion and rubber isolators, shortening stabilisation times and speeding up measurements.

Flexible Solutions

We offer a range of workstations and platforms to suit different environments and microscope performance levels. Workstations feature a platform mounted on a study steel frame with height adjustable levelling feet and guards to protect the table from accidental knocks during use.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic workstation design minimises user stress. With the active area option microscope platforms sit flush with the work surface and the surrounding area is useable for general work without disturbing measurements. Frames have height adjustable levelling feet, for excellent stability and user comfort with retractable castor feet, frame shelf and monitor support optional.

Selecting a Platform

Active Platform: AMF Series

Passive Platform: AMP Series

Balance Table: AMB Series

High Load Workstation: AMH Series

Contoured Platform: AMC Series

To select a platform you must first decide on the size of the working surface you require, the load it needs to support and the sensitivity of the equipment to vibrations; from this you can determine the class of product you require. You then need to decide whether you will require it to be floor mounted and what type of air supply would be best suited. We would be pleased to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

Active Platforms: AMF Series

These platforms are self-levelling and ideal for use when loads on the platform are likely to change. They can support up to 160kg and are available in a range of standard sizes from 60x60cm up to 150x90cm. Their low 6cm working height and low weight makes them ideal for use on desks and benches.

Passive Platforms: AMP Series

These platforms are designed to be pumped-up and left alone. Simple to use, they are ideal for use with fixed loads or in applications where pressurised air or gas cannot be used. They support loads up to 160kg and sizes range from 60x60cm to 150x90cm with a 6cm working height.

Balance Tables: AMB Series

These passive platforms are weighted to 25kg and are for use with light instruments such as balances. They support loads to 120kg and are available in three sizes, 45x30cm, 40x50cm and 60x60cm. Their small footprint also makes them ideal for use when space is at a minimum. Working height is 6cm.

High Load Workstations: AMH Series

These workstations are designed for heavy instruments such as electron microscopes, which require high degrees of isolation from vibrations. They comprise a highly rigid platform supported on a sturdy isolation frame fitted with levelling feet.

The platform is fabricated by laminating two 5mm thick ferromagnetic steel plates to a 5cm thick aluminium close cell honeycomb core using aerospace grade adhesives.

The resultant plate has excellent compliance characteristics and its rigidity is suitable for supporting large loads up to 1500kg.

The vibration isolators are built into the legs of the frame. Each leg contains a low natural frequency rolling diaphragm isolator connected to a damping volume via a tuned flow restrictor, giving a highly damped system with a natural resonance (at high load) of around 1.1Hz. The isolation system is active with a self-levelling arm attached to each leg allowing the platform to be levelled as required and to compensate for varying loads. The isolators are available in two versions, the standard version for loads up to 500kg and a heavyduty version for loads to 1500kg. The standard platform is available in a range of sizes from 90x90cm to 150 x 120cm.

Downloadable PDFContoured Platforms: AMC Series

This light and compact passive platform has been specially designed for instruments such as microscopes. Its T-shaped profile allows users to place their arms on either side of the platform while the width at the rear is large enough to support a wide range of instruments.

The AMC Series is available in two different construction materials. Starting with the AMC-12, -12S, and 13, these platforms are made entirely from electroless Nickelplated aluminium parts and is suitable for Class 1 requirements. The top plate is 1cm thick with three damped isolators mounted to the underside.

The AMC-7 platform is made from high grade steel parts welded together for rigidity and coated with a tough epoxy powder white finish. It is resistant to most forms of biological and chemical attack and isolators are simply removed making cleaning easy. The platform top plate incorporates three elastomeric isolators which remove over 97 percent of horizontal vibrations at 50Hz and over 95 percent of vertical vibrations greatly improving instrument performance. These isolators are available in two load ranges, up to 25kgs and from 25 to 75 kgs. Isolators are simply secured by a single thumbscrew and require no adjustments for varying loads.

Sorbothane elastomer isolators have outstanding damping performance compared to isolators that use springs, rubber, orneorprene and so eliminate any rocking or wobble that is a major problem with other brands of platform. Sorbothane rapidly damps down disturbances to the microscope, such as when it is being touched during operation. It greatly improves image quality by protecting microscopes from both horizontal and vertical vibrations eminating from sources such as floors, walls and benching and caused by traffic, lifts, rotating machinery and numerous other sources.


  AMF Series Active AMP Series Passive AMB Series Balance AMH Series Hi-Load AMC Series Contoured
Sizes (L x W) cm 60 x 60
60 x 90
60 x 120
75 x 90
75 x 120
75 x 150
90 x 90
90 x 120
90 x 150
60 x 60
60 x 90
60 x 120
75 x 90
75 x 120
75 x 150
90 x 90
90 x 120
90 x 150
45 x 30
40 x 50
60 x 60
90 x 90
90 x 120
120 x 120

36 x 54
(Front 20)
(AMC-12, 12S, 13)
Working Height 6cm (Active with L-F option 11cm) 76cm 2.5cm

Working Surface Epoxy powder grey, Stainless Steel optional Epoxy powder grey, Stainless Steel optional Epoxy powder grey, Stainless Steel optional Ferromagnetic Stainless Epoxy powder white, Steel

Elec Ni Aluminum
Isolation Type  Rolling Diaphragm Isolator and Damping Chamber Rolling Diaphragm Isolator and Damping Chamber Rolling Diaphragm Isolator and Damping Chamber Rolling Diaphragm Isolator and Damping Chamber 3 off elastomeric

Rolling Diaphragm Isolator and Damping Chamber
Natural Frequency 1.5Hz* 2Hz 2Hz 1Hz 2Hz
Height Adjustment 8mm 8mm 8mm 15mm n/a

Self-Levelling Yes No No Yes No
Load Capacity  160 Kgs 160 Kgs 120 Kgs 500/1500 option 25Kgs; 75Kgs with L-Option

150 Kgs
Air Supply 5 to 10 bar Pump up Pump up 5 to 10 bar n/a

Pump up
Air Connector 6mm, push fit airline Woods Cycle Valve Woods Cycle Valve 6mm, push fit airline n/a

Woods Cycle Valve
Weight 20 to 45 Kgs 20 to 45 Kgs 30 Kgs 120 to 160 Kgs 10Kgs

5 Kgs
Frame Options Yes Yes No Required Yes

Height Adjustment 2.5 cm No  5cm
Castor Feet Optional Optional Not available Not available Not available
Frame Guard, Monitor Stand, Shelf Optional Optional Not available Not available Not available

Natural frequencies may vary dependant on load and other factors. * L-F option Platforms


AMF Active Air Self Leveling Platform

Available with standard white epoxy or optional Stainless, Ferromagnetic, or Stainless 316 steel top.

Surface Finish can be selected using the the Add to cart button in the Select Finish column.

Additional Options

Through Holes are available on certain tables. Please click the Add Holes link to request a price code on adding holes to a selected table.

EMS# Manufacture Description Size cm Base Price Select Finish
6200 AMF-60x60 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 60x60 Add to Cart
6250 AMF-60x90 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 60x90 Add to Cart
6260 AMF-60x120 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 60x120 Add to Cart
6270 AMF-75x90 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 75x90 Add to Cart
6280 AMF-75x120 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 75x120 Add to Cart
6290 AMF-75x150 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 75x150 Add to Cart
6300 AMF-75x150 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 75x150 Add to Cart
6310 AMF-90x120 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 90x120 Add to Cart
6320 AMF-90x150 Active Air Self Leveling Platform 90x150 Add to Cart
6330 AMP-60x60 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 60x60 Add to Cart
6340 AMP-60x90 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 60x90 Add to Cart
6350 AMP-60x120 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 60x120 Add to Cart
6360 AMP-75x90 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 75x90 Add to Cart
6370 AMP-75x120 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 75x120 Add to Cart
6380 AMP-75x150 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 75x150 Add to Cart
6390 AMP-75x150 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 75x150 Add to Cart
6400 AMP-90x120 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 90x120 Add to Cart
6410 AMP-90x150 Passive Air Pump Up Platform 90x150 Add to Cart
Modular Accessories
6500 F01 Medium Frame for Platform   746.00 Add to Cart
6510 F02 Frame Shelf   307.00 Add to Cart
6520 F03 Platform Guard   408.00 Add to Cart
6530 F04 Platform Shelf   163.00 Add to Cart
6540 F05 Monitor Stand (needs guard)   200.00 Add to Cart
6550 F06 Retractable Castor Feet   534.00 Add to Cart
6560 F08 Arm Rest Bar   213.00 Add to Cart
6570 F10 Flat Screen Monitor Arm   226.00 Add to Cart
6580 F15 Gel Arm Rest   53.00 Add to Cart
6590 F27 Active Area Plate (40x50cm)   80.00 Add to Cart
6600 F28 Active Isolation Area Top Plate   650.00 Add to Cart
6610 C01 Silent Compressor   960.00 Add to Cart
6620 C02 Air Preparation Unit   225.00 Add to Cart
6630 C03 Mini Compressor   240.00 Add to Cart
Packaging Options for AMF and AMP Series
Crates Platform and with Frame
6480   Up to and including 90x60cm   150.00 Add to Cart
6490   Crates larger Platform and Frame   175.00 Add to Cart
AMB Balance Air Platform
Stainless steel or white epoxy finish
6640 AMB-45x30 Balance Air Platform 45x30 2,224.00
6650 AMB-50x40 Balance Air Platform 50x40 2,245.00
6660 AMB-60x60 Balance Air Platform 60x60 2,408.00
6670   Crate for Above   100.00 Add to Cart


Balance Workstations: AMD Series

  • Built-in isolation area designed for analytical balance
  • Removes up to 99 percent of unwanted vertical and horizontal vibrations
  • Flush working area around balance for supporting hardware
  • 240 satin silicon 0.4Ra ground stainless steel meets international standards for cleanliness

Outperforms rubber and spring isolators and simple granite and steel tables. These workstations remove unwanted vibrations which limit the performance of sensitive instruments such as balances. The top surface is 75x75cm and incoroprates a 30x45cm vibration isolation platform, which sits flush with the surrounding table surface in a recess. Instruments are placed directly onto this isolation section of the workstation and isolations are removed by the built-in isolators. Tilting levelling feet on the frame ensure the table sits stabily on the floor.

Three versions are available, the ST and SS versions can be easily upgraded to the SA at a later date if required.

Product Details

AMD-SA stainless air table features our AMB-30x45 pneumatic platform. It incorporates four low 2Hz natural frequency rolling diaphragm damped isolators and the platform and table top feature 240 ground satin stainless steel. The isolators are simply inflated via adjustable valves using a bicycle pump.

AMD-SS stainless version features an AMS-30x45 platform with four 7Hz sorbothane isolators which give an excellent 95 percent isolation at 50Hz. A unique sound deadening core soaks up surface borne vibrations and ensures our tables outerperform simple granite and steel tables by up to 20dB. 240 silicon satin stainless ensures our tables meet all the requirements for use in stringent Steel Case environments such as cleanrooms and biohazard areas.

AMD-ST and AMD-SB standard table has a white powder epoxy table top surface incorporating a AMT-30x40 granite platform featuring four sorbothane isolators. It improves balance performance and is ideal for balances up to 4 to 5 digit The smooth seamless table shape ensures thorough and easy cleaning removing risks such as cross contamination. The stainless steel versions feature 240 satin silicon steel with a very low Ra of 0.4 making them ideal for cleanrooms and as well as being resistant to almost all forms of biological and chemical attack.The frame is produced using tubular ERW steel which combines high rigidity with a closed profile that allows easy and thorough cleaning. Tilting levelling feet ensure it .

Isolation Platform AMD-SS AMD-SA AMD-ST / AMD-SB
Outer Table Dimensions (WxDxH) 120x75 x75cm 120x75 x75cm 120x75 x75cm
Load Capacity 100kgs 100kgs 100kgs
Surface Stainless Steel Stainless Steel White finish / Stainless
Isolator Type  4 sorbothane passive 4 air rolling diaphragm, passive pump up 4 air rolling diaphragm, Active Air
Isolation Performance 95% at 50Hz, 98% at 98Hz 97% at 50Hz, 99% at 98Hz
Natural Frequency 7 Hz 2 Hz 2 Hz
Height Adjustment Range 735 to 765mm 735 to 765mm 735 to 765mm
Weight 55kgs 55kgs 55kgs
Options for Workstations AMD-101 Shelf, AMD-102 Castor Feet, AMD-103 Active Area White Top Plate AMD-101 Shelf, AMD-102 Castor Feet, AMD-103 Active Area White Top Plate AMD-101 Shelf, AMD-102 Castor Feet, AMD-103 Active Area White Top Plate

Frame with shelf option

Platform gaurd.

Monitor Stand

Silent Compressor

Stainless Working Surface

Concentric Airmount AM2

Concentric Airmount AM3


Leveling Arm

Options, Accessories, and Components:

Low Frequency Platform Option (LF Option) Platforms with this option incorporate a specially extended isolator, which has a natural frequency of 1.5Hz vertically and horizontally. It is available only for active platforms. The only difference to the standard versions is that the platform depth is increased to 10cm with a corresponding increase in working height to 11cm.

Frame Frames bolt directly to the platforms and are feature a hard grey epoxy powder finish. They are supplied with four levelling feet, giving 3cm of adjustment to ensure the frames stability on the most uneven floors. Frame height 71cm, going to a working height of 78cm.

Frame Shelf Frame shelves are made from 2cm laminated board and are suitable for supporting equipment such as computers

Platform Guard The platform guard is a sturdy rail (with side rail option) that fully surrounds the platform and protects it against accidental knocks, which would otherwise disturb instruments on the platform.

Platform Shelf A 30cm wide shelf, which sits on the guard rail over the platform and is quick and easy to remove and replace.

Monitor Stand This padded stand will support monitors weighing up to 30kg. It features 360 degree rotation of the arm as well as height adjustment. It mounts to the platform guard.

Retractable Castors

These castors incorporate a foot, which can be raised and lowered using a thumbwheel, allowing the workstation to be wheeled around and then securely mounted to the floor in a new location.

Silent Compressor

These compact and oil free air compressors are virtually silent (30dB/A) versions and suitable for running several platforms.

Air Preparation Unit

An air preparation unit should be used if compressed air is used which may be damp or contain small particles. The unit will ensure the air supply is properly cleaned and dry before entering the platforms. Stainless Working Surface The dull polished stainless steel surface is ideal for stringent environments, such as within the food industry and in medical applications. Mounting Holes We can supply platforms with a ferromagnetic steel working surface featuring either M6 holes on a 25mm grid of ¼-20UNC holes on 1 inch centres.

Concentric Airmount AM2

This low profile airmount has a working height of only 40mm. Our unique design incorporates an isolation chamber surrounded by a concentric damping chamber. The chambers are connected by a tuned airflow restrictor which gives optimum damping with no overshoot while isolating out floor vibrations.

Concentric Airmount AM3

This low cost isolator has a very small footprint and is designed for incorporation into instruments. It is used in conjunction with a damping chamber, which has the advantage of being placable at some distance from the isolator, as required by the user.

High Load Isolator AM7

These high load isolators are capable of supporting loads up to 400kg and have a very low natural frequency as low as 1.1Hz. They are ideal as mounts for heavy sensitive instruments such as electron microscopes.

Leveling Arm AM9

These high load isolators are capable of supporting loads up to 400kg and have a very low natural frequency as low as 1.1Hz. They are ideal as mounts for heavy sensitive instruments such as electron microscopes. 8155


AMD Balance Table with Isolation Area
6690 AMD-SS Sorbothane Isolation Stainless Top 75x75 1,600.00 Add to Cart
6700 AMD-SB Air Stainless Top 75x75 2,900.00 Add to Cart
6705 AMD-SA Air Isolation Area Stainless Top 75x75 3,200.00 Add to Cart
AMC Contoured Passive Air Isolation Plate
6719 AMC-7 EMS AMC-7 Microscope Platform   275.00 Add to Cart
6732   L-Option for AMC-7 75kg capacity   150.00 Add to Cart
6710 AMC-13 Pump Up Isolator Plate   1,525.00 Add to Cart
6720 AMC-12 Passive Profiled Plate   1,575.00 Add to Cart
6730 AMC-12S Active Profiled Plate   1,780.00 Add to Cart
AMH 1.5Hz High Load Air Tables
6740 AMH-90x90 High Load Air Tables 90x90 5,925.00 Add to Cart
6750 AMH-120x90 High Load Air Tables 120x90 6,400.00 Add to Cart
6760 AMH-150x90 High Load Air Tables 150x90 6,525.00 Add to Cart
6770 AMH-240x120 High Load Air Tables 240x120 7,200.00 Add to Cart
Hi-Spec 1Hz Air Isolation Legs
6780 Hi-Spec 1195 Non-Magnetic Legs (3pcs)   5,200.00 Add to Cart
6790 Hi-Spec Isolation Legs (4 pcs) Active Self-Leveling   5,200.00 Add to Cart
6800 AM2 Concentric Isolator   325.00 Add to Cart
6810 AM3 OEM Isolators   115.00 Add to Cart
6820 AM5 Dampening Volume   60.00 Add to Cart
6830 AM7 Hi Load Isolator   760.00 Add to Cart
6840 AM9 Leveling Arm   130.00 Add to Cart
6850 AM12 Isolator   375.00 Add to Cart
6860 AM12S Leveling Isolator   420.00 Add to Cart
AMS Sorbothane Balance Platform
Stainless steel or white epoxy finish
6870 AMS-30x45 Stainless top 30x45 475.00 Add to Cart
6874 AMS-120x75 White Isolation Table 120x75 1,875.00 Add to Cart
6875 AMS-120x75 topStainless 120x75 2,090.00 Add to Cart
AMT Series Side Tables

Select Stainless Steel or Sorbothane Isolating Frame Feet

6880 AMT-90x60 Side Table 90x60 950.00 Add to Cart
6890 AMT-120x60 Side Table 120x60 950.00 Add to Cart
6900 AMT-75x75 Side Table 75x75 950.00 Add to Cart
6910 AMT-90x75 Side Table 90x75 1,100.00 Add to Cart
6920 AMT-120x75 Side Table 120x75 1,130.00 Add to Cart
6930 AMT-150x75 Side Table 150x75 1,160.00 Add to Cart
6940 AMT-90x90 Side Table 90x90 1,160.00 Add to Cart
6950 AMT-120x90 Side Table 120x90 1,200.00 Add to Cart
6960 AMT-150x90 Side Table 150x90 1,250.00 Add to Cart

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